Predictability And Freewill
The limits of science.
Free Will And The Past
More on free will.
Knowledge Of Reality
What is knowable, what is unknowable, why?
Probabilistic And Discrete Knowledge
Information can flip between wave-like and discrete states.
Structural Forms In Visual Art
Some rules of form, and why these are needed.
Love And Death
Reality as connection and loss, attachment and disattachment.
Art As Emotional Communication
On the definition of art.
On the futility of blame and praise.
A Free Will Of Infinite Possibility
On the barrier between imagination and reality.
Consciousness And Experience
Simple explainations of consciousness.
Limits Of Expansion
Speculation about the rules of the universe, compared with life.
Replication And Decay
The evolution of information.
The Münchhausen Trilemma Problem
Solutions to the Münchhausen trilemma problem, a problem about the proof of truth.
The End Of The World
The end of the world is not nigh.
Surface Information
A quick note concerning the entropy of a volume.
Universe Expansion And Black Holes
Thoughts on the topology of matter around a black hole and the early universe.

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