I produced and presented radio programme ArtsLab for RedShift Radio from the end of 2015 to spring 2018. At the same time, my collaborations with Sabine Kussmaul led to an interest in live performance and video work, so I began to try these things out for the first time. My paintings began to be influenced by music, and my artwork in general, which was initially personal and cathartic, began to be more considered and adopt other themes, informed by Sabine's more academic approach to art.

From 2017 onwards, I decided to focus the radio programme on broadcasting new audio work, created by audio artists (or any listener who wanted to create something). This made the show more creative, and more popular. My contact with visual artists declined and this resulted in less opportunities to discuss or exhibit my artwork, which affected my painting output.

Over time, the radio work, though enjoyable, began to feel isolating. The work felt more like an unpaid job than a social group.