Midsummer Music Picnic
Congleton Library, Congleton
21 Jun 2022

About this event
A creative celebration of music and poetry for International Make Music Day, which happens to have been the 2022 Summer Solstice too.

Deborah was unable to perform, so Mark took the reins for a solo show featuring two sets by Fall in Green, with Deb's voice present on recordings, or performances of unique solo musical versions of tracks. Several new works were written and/or premiered here including Sunchild, and an audio glimpse of the music to the forthcoming Lou Salome project.

There were many other performers in this eclectic celebration, and there were several jams and group music creation activities. Performers included The Daven School Choir, Mike Drew, John Lindley, Jane Harland, Andy Stubbs, Christopher Gilmore, and more.