Latest version v1.71, 28 Aug 2001 by Mark Sheeky

Latest version v1.71, 28 Aug 2001

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About this game
My first full PC game, Arcangel took nearly two years to develop and was, in effect, a 3D isometric version of my Amiga game Hilt II. Some of the levels and missions were very similar to those in Hilt II, but Arcangel had many other gameplay improvements.

The game was never published. Some unofficial, pre-release publisher demo copies of this game became distributed in some retail outlets without my consent or knowledge. The many bad experiences working with potential publishers for Arcangel, and similar experiences with my previous game Blade, persuaded me to publish my own games, and so Cornutopia Software was formed as a result of this game.

The game was developed for CD-ROM only and has difficulty working on modern computers. It is not functional enough to work, and so is not currently available, but the CD quality soundtrack has been published by Cornutopia Music. The music was compared to that of Philip Glass and is available on Amazon and other digital music retailers.

I always loved this sort of turn based strategy game, and some years later I developed a fully 3D sequel to Arcangel called Taskforce.