Latest version v1.40, 2 Jun 2024 by Mark Sheeky

Latest version v1.40, 2 Jun 2024

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About this game
Argus is 3D animation software which uses 3D hardware and game technology to create animations in lightning fast time. Like a game, you can move and control objects (Actors) in real-time as easily as objects in a computer game.

You make Actors move in exact ways using modulators attached to any axis of movement (or angle, or scale, or alpha transparency). Or you can place objects in exact places on exact frames, or, uniquely, you can use the mouse to move and record the movement of an object in real-time.

Argus is a way to control every object in a film; characters, actors, the lights, and the camera; and their movement exactly in an efficient way, trying to give you maximum control over a scene without spending hours or days tailoring the movement of every item.

Argus was created in 2020, and has since been used to create hundreds of short films. It can works fantastically for simple looping movements; infinite tunnels, fields of snowflakes, or timing events exactly, like making an object appear for ever note in a piano tune. Argus is perfect for creating Spotify Canvas videos, or short loops and video graphics of all sorts. When you know how to use the program, Argus gives you the power to create videos in lightning fast time.