half a broken heart by Mark Sheeky

G105A half a broken heart
Oil on panel
Apr to May 2007, Size 268x150 mm

Detail from half a broken heart by Mark Sheeky

About this painting
This powerful painting was initially created for a competition with the theme of emotional distress.

The pink and green colouration of this picture help create the mood. The sky fades from pink to dark green and the foreground objects from light green to dark red. The detailled mountain-like figure huddles above a dark red cracked landscape. A cold green moon casts a subte glow in the left corner while in the right corner, a heart, shaped like a womb bleeds with half a tear drop; half a heart.

Technical details
As with many of my paintings, this picture was painted using classical oil painting techniques of layering transparent glazes over a detailed underpainting. The glazes incorporate amber dissolved in walnut oil to provide the unique lustre and refractive properties of oil paintings from the Italian renaissance. Used since the 15th century, this resin can shine like silver metal when lit from the side, an effect that can be observed on beautifully preserved Elizabethan portraiture at the British National Portrait Gallery.

half a broken heart (Original)
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half a broken heart (Signed Limited Edition Reproduction, Of 100)
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