Holofernes Variations: Twice As Hard by Mark Sheeky

G1068A Holofernes Variations: Twice As Hard
Oil on canvas panel
July 2018, Size 190x244 mm

About this painting
The second image in a triptych which was developed to accompany a series of three poems on the theme of Dyslexia by Andrew Nicholson. The poems formed part of an exhibition on poetry and visual art curated and organised by Nantwich poet, Helen Kay.

I decided to choose some artwork as a theme, like a musical theme on which to improvise as source material as a medium for the emotional and intellecual elements in the poems, and to unify the series. I choose Judith Behedding Holofernes by Carravaggio, and a Doré illustration from Paradise Lost.

The second poem involved elements of dyspraxia and collapse.

Holofernes Variations: Twice As Hard (Original)
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