Perseus and the Burning Tree by Mark Sheeky

G111A Perseus and the Burning Tree
Oil on panel
Jun 2007, Size 386x285 mm

About this painting
A painting about the subjugation of nature by mankind. Screaming, burning trees seem to be a recurring theme in my psychology. This was the first painting that depicted one such tree.

The image is divided into two halves; the twisting and almost human forms of the trees on the left, and the rose-petal colours of the city on the right. The face of the burning tree stares out, forcing the viewer to assume the role of the forest in a picture, the evocation of distress. The figure of Perseus looks away as he holds the head of Medusa. The blood of Medusa could kill any creature but also resurrect the dead, depending on which vein the blood came from, so here the head represents ultimate power; the power of life and death.

Perseus and the Burning Tree (Original)
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Perseus and the Burning Tree (Signed Limited Edition Reproduction, Of 100)
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