Domination of the Fishes by Mark Sheeky

G116A Domination of the Fishes
Oil on panel
Jul to Sep 2007, Size 268x150 mm

About this painting
A painting about extinction and the environmental threat to the oceans.

The theme of the fish is repeated throughout the picture. A silver fish is placed in the sky over an abyss. The hollow outline carved out of the figure indicates the memory of a fish now gone. The rock figure, with arms raised like a sorcerer seems to possess or control the landscape. Fish and parts of fish appear in the mountain structure, grasped at by tentacles. The scene is lit with an acidic glowing ring, the iris of a fish.

Technical details
Like most of my paintings, the idea started as a simple idea sketch. After considering the theme and feeling the required emotion, a picture can often appear in an instant flash and is scribbled down.

Domination of the Fishes (Original)
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Domination of the Fishes (Signed Limited Edition Reproduction, Of 100)
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