Eye Among the Pears by Mark Sheeky

G117A Eye Among the Pears
Oil on panel
Jul to Aug 2007, Size 180x307 mm

Detail from Eye Among the Pears by Mark Sheeky

About this painting
The cornfield and body pay homage to a painting called Christina's World by Andrew Wyatt, but here the body lies down. The sky and cornfield have a raw outdoor appearance and an attractive mix of warm and cold. Three pears stand tall in the field, one perhaps observed by the other two. The unexpected open eye could be a sign of intelligence.

Technical details
Most of this picture was painted in one layer, however the pears were glazed to add detail. Yellow ochre was the primary colour for the pear underpainting, later glazed with a very delicate transparent yellow with a greenish tinge to give the flesh the realistic colour and texture of a pear.

Eye Among the Pears (Original)
Private collection.