America And Iran 2007 by Mark Sheeky

G124A America And Iran 2007
Oil on panel
Jul to Dec 2007, Size 190x190 mm

About this painting
The general style of this harks back to one of my earliest paintings, Iraq War 2004. Despite the similar titles and themes of Middle East conflict; the meaning of this painting is open to interpretation because the idea was drawn subconsciously, quickly and without a clear theme.

Shapes twist and wrestle for space, as teeth gnash agaist teeth. The outlines of nuclear mushroom clouds permeate the picture, but always in the background, ever present but not overt. Some ribbons are tongues, and some are paths.

Technical details
The 8x8 cm idea sketch was done quickly with a brush pen. There were not many composition changes, the biggest difficulty was adding colour to the black and white outline. As a result of adding depth and colour, some circles were changed into eggs, and some eyes into lakes; showing perhaps that the colouration added an extra dimension to the picture.

America And Iran 2007 (Original)
Private collection.