The Morning Hour by Mark Sheeky

G127A The Morning Hour
Oil on panel
Oct 2007 to Jan 2008, Size 320x320 mm

Detail from The Morning Hour by Mark Sheeky

About this painting
This is a copy of a painting called The Morning Hour by Moritz Ludwig von Schwind. I decided to change the meaning a little and enhance the mood by increasing the emotional contrast.

A monster made of wood and vines seems to be growing from the floor of the bedroom, but the expression is more of anguish than fear, so does this monster represent a nightmare or something else? Leaves fly from the creature, heart shaped leaves. One leaf cracks in two, leaving a half in the painting on the wall. The headboard on the bed has a matching half carved into it. This picture is about a new start following the unpleasant break up of a relationship.

Technical details
The original 19th century painting was rather worn and I was faced with the difficult task of adding more detail than the original contained. The strong perspective required redrafting, as well as the planning of some new shadows for the creature.

The Morning Hour (Original)
Private collection.