Spear of Destiny by Mark Sheeky

G130A Spear of Destiny
Oil on panel
Feb to Apr 2008, Size 214x396 mm

Detail from Spear of Destiny by Mark Sheeky

About this painting
A highly positive painting about victory, and the joy of future expectations. The unusually tall rectangular panel proved ideal for a painting about reaching for the sky.

A door in the sky opens a crack to reveal a golden light beyond. Far below a rock like a victorious samurai holds aloft a spear. Around the samurai, a mermaid, shells and a child reaching for a butterfly. The orange arc indicates distance, the future but also approaching joy with its colour.

Technical details
Like most of my paintings, the idea started as an idea sketch, hastily scribbled in a flash of inspiration. Once the idea has been settled upon, detailed images for the different elements of the painting need to be assembled or created and a tone and colour scheme developed.

Spear of Destiny (Original)
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