Thinking About Christmas by Mark Sheeky

G132A Thinking About Christmas
Oil on polymethyl methacrylate
Dec 2007 to May 2008, Size 230x330 mm

About this painting
Painted as a Christmas card, I wanted to explore more abstracted Christmas imagery.

An explosion of light illuminates a Christmas tree bent into a crescent. The silhouette of a face, the star centred on the mind, and an eye looking back are used indicate memory.

Technical details
This was painted on acrylic plastic, also known as perspex or plexiglas. Of all painting surfaces acrylic is perhaps the most stable because of good resistance to corrosion, water, ultraviolet damage, impacts, and tolerant to heat and cold. It is however expensive, naturally transparent and leaves a very slick surface which is prone to attracting dust.

Thinking About Christmas (Original)
Private collection.