Alain The Sad Bathysphere by Mark Sheeky

G142A Alain The Sad Bathysphere
Oil on canvas panel
Jul 2008, Size 145x316 mm

Detail from Alain The Sad Bathysphere by Mark Sheeky

About this painting
A picture about being under pressure and isolated.

Deep in a dark ocean, far from the blurry surface world, a bathysphere sits. Cracks in the ocean floor form a key shape, perhaps to fit the key hole made by the oriel and teardrop.

Technical details
Most painters dislike green and it can be difficult to handle. The underpainting is turquoise but most of the glazes are pure intense green which shine though the picture, adding an inky blackness to the deep ocean, and a delicate glow around the sphere. The green background, the violet tentacle and sphere, and the yellow sea bed compliment and reinforce each other.

Alain The Sad Bathysphere (Original)
Price: £210.00
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