Insecurity Grasping For Freedom by Mark Sheeky

G150A Insecurity Grasping For Freedom
Oil on panel
Aug to Sep 2008, Size 234x336 mm

Detail from Insecurity Grasping For Freedom by Mark Sheeky

About this painting
Painted for the annual Sue Ryder charity auction. The theme was Liberation. The unbalanced composition is used to indicate emotional insecurity.

An anthropomorphic ovoid topples from a pointed mountain, desperately reaching for something to grab hold of. All that is there is a abstracted object, a golden dove, freedom just out of reach. Upon closer inspection, the cracks and details in the mountain and the hidden forms in the clouds reveal yet more meaning.

Technical details
Not clear in the image here, this painting contains fine details and shapes relevant to its meaning. Objects too subtle to see at first are designed to be detected by the unconscious of the viewer, impressionist surrealism, because the image is designed to impress an idea or feeling upon the viewer unconsciously.

Insecurity Grasping For Freedom (Original)
Price: £295.00
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