Liquid Sleep by Mark Sheeky

G155A Liquid Sleep
Oil on panel
Sep to Oct 2008, Size 290x391 mm

Detail from Liquid Sleep by Mark Sheeky

About this painting
Began in November 2007, this began as an exercise in the reversal of the normal picture arrangement of land at the bottom and sky at the top. Eventually the upper "land" became a black lake, the dark limnetic water of night.

A man of cloud drips down, limbs sagging heavily indicating tiredness, a fuzzy feeling of relaxation, a lack of position. Adrift on the cusp of sleep. Drips form and float upwards, forming fish that swim into the lake of night. A gold sun, like a heart shaped locket burns in the day but hangs from the hole that is the moon. This picture explores male and female worlds, day and night, waking and sleeping.

Liquid Sleep (Original)
Price: £380.00
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