Urban Escape by Mark Sheeky

G169A Urban Escape
Oil on panel
Jan to May 2009, Size 280x280 mm

Detail from Urban Escape by Mark Sheeky

About this painting
This is part of a new period of paintings about rebirth and escape. The interesting thing about this painting is the stark contrast of the ugliness of the drab desert and dead horse, and the delicate lilac beauty of the figure. The focus of the painting is on the tattooed building shape, its detail is irresistible and mysterious.

A woman escapes from the watermelon flesh corpse of a dead horse. The bus in the desert distance indicates the urban, as does the building shapes, yet the closest building shines with the iridescence of a butterfly's wing and is full of symbols. At first those images are trapped, creepy, insectoid and tied up, yet also filled with escape, freedom and full of transformation and anticipation.

Urban Escape (Original)
Price: £505.00
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