The Landscape Of Anna Q. Nilsson by Mark Sheeky

G170A The Landscape Of Anna Q. Nilsson
Oil on panel
Mar to Apr 2009, Size 336x234 mm

Detail from The Landscape Of Anna Q. Nilsson by Mark Sheeky

About this painting
This is a manipulation of the Portrait of silent film actress, Anna Q. Nilsson. The composition and theme of the painting grew from the unconscious, and much of it was drawn in one quick session, making it one of my most authentically surrealistic.

The picture shows a mountainscape above a dark lake. A woman is stabbed by a flash of yellow energy that flies through a inverted heart-shaped hole, a flash of pain. a droplet is shown below her. The up-turned heart and the milky fluid have sexual connotations, and the eagle represents predatory sexuality too, although the desolate landscape, the smooth lake evokes a feeling of peace amongst the loss and the desire.

A painting of a serene mountain, like a mask, concealing myriad mysteries and a tangle of liquid emotions beneath.

Technical details
The portrait underdrawing was the starting point for the picture. The eagle was the first major object to be added. For dynamism the yellow ray was added, which required a hole. A figure speared was added, then finally the droplet. Some details were improvised during the painting stage.

The Landscape Of Anna Q. Nilsson (Original)
Private collection.

The Landscape Of Anna Q. Nilsson (Signed Limited Edition Reproduction, Of 100)
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