The Lightning Of Creation by Mark Sheeky

G178A The Lightning Of Creation
Oil on canvas panel
Jul to Sep 2009, Size 280x380 mm

Detail from The Lightning Of Creation by Mark Sheeky

About this painting
An idea that stemmed from a vision. I was beset with writer's block while trying to write music for The Music Box, a sequel to his album The Spiral Staircase.

I decided to go out and buy some wood and while walking saw amazingly beautiful clouds, typical after a rain storm. I instantly envisioned a man on a distant mountain reaching up to touch the clouds and grasping a streak of lighting, it was the lightning of creativity.

A powerful and positive painting. A man stands on the peak of a mountain and reaches up, grasping a streak of gold lightning.

Technical details
The painting uses gold pigment like glitter, sprinkled on the surface of wet oil paint. The gold can be smoothed and polished like a mirror or left untouched as here to leave an effect that is coarse but iridescent, like moth's wings. There were two studies painted for this, one tonal the other chromanant.

The Lightning Of Creation (Original)
Price: £545.00
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