Now That's What I Call Blue by Mark Sheeky

G59A Now That's What I Call Blue
Oil on canvas board
Apr 2005, 234x336 mm

About this painting
This was my first genuinely surrealist painting. I was tasked with painting something around the theme of 'blue'. I thought that blue blood would be an obvious choice, exactly because blood is not blue. In my minds eye I instantly saw a hand, speared with an arrow, one of a storm of arrows raining down from the sky, and I could hear the rush of water, tumbling like a waterfall into a rock pool.

Thus, the idea was formed. After that instantaneous concept, I simply staged and painted it.

Technical details
The flesh painting uses a variety of colourations, warm and cold, in rough patches to add tone and form. The rough waterfall appears frothy and translucent in front of the relatively smooth but forboding sky.

Now That's What I Call Blue (Original)
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Now That's What I Call Blue (Signed Limited Edition Reproduction, Of 100)
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