Faces of Autumn by Mark Sheeky

G73A Faces of Autumn
Oil on canvas board
Sep to Oct 2005, Size 488x386 mm

About this painting
Created for the Eclectic Art Group, a short lived Internet based collective. The theme here was Autumn.

This is a picture full of symbols to represent autumn; trees, leaves and auburn hair, all comforting and calming. The harmonius green violet colours of the sky perfectly match the warm strong tones of the foreground objects, and welcoming blue face with its cold tones fits the colour scheme in a way that a warm colour would not.

Technical details
This was my largest painting to date, and one of my last works painted in one layer. The level of detail on the leaves (which were painted from life) is very high and the background was painstakingly painted with a tiny brush. The blue of the face was a mix of highly permanent transparent pigments; viridian green and manganese violet. The mix of green and violet makes a warm blue when lots of green is used, and a cold blue with lots of violet. Gold paint was used for the sun.

Faces of Autumn (Original)
Price: £335.00
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