Chiaroscuro Self Portrait by Mark Sheeky

G77A Chiaroscuro Self Portrait
Oil on canvas board
Nov 2005 to Jan 2006, Size 204x234 mm

About this painting
This was my second painting in multiple layers. Paintings with stark shadows, chiaroscuro, more easily lend themselves to painting in several layers because the tone (light and dark) is painted separately from the hue (colour).

Here you can detect minute skin folds that appear in the lower layer. A single, ultra-transparent, glaze of red colour adds hue, leaving any modelling as visible as before, and making the plain grey underpainting appear cool.

Technical details
The first layer was painted only in black and white. The single glazing layer was painted primarily with maroon and black, with some transparent gold ochre for the yellow tones on the forehead. Tiny amounts of blue were used for details such the eyes, but black, white, maroon and gold ochre make up the vast majority of the visible colours.

Chiaroscuro Self Portrait (Original)
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