The Flute Player by Mark Sheeky

G87A The Flute Player
Oil on canvas board
May to Jul 2006, Size 234x336 mm

About this painting
A picture of war and chaos.

The cyclic composition drives the energy of this painting. The central figure grabs the attention of the viewer, then quickly the Adoph Hitler portrait. The eye then moves towards the startled parrot, and then quickly upwards towards the flames. Moving still upwards we briefly touch the sky before being dragged underwater by the wave, moving to the right, and crashing down and back to the start of the cycle. The picture is about the turmoil of war, and the cyclic jig of the puppet-like dancer is mirrored in the dance made by the eyes of the viewer.

Technical details
A notable technical detail is that the flesh glazing for the figure and portrait use identical colours. The flesh tones for the Hitler portrait are much more subdued because it is underpainted in black and white, wheras the figure is underpainted in shades of venetian red.

The Flute Player (Original)
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