Penalties by Mark Sheeky

G91A Penalties
Oil on panel
Jul to Sep 2006, Size 590x590 mm

Detail from Penalties by Mark Sheeky

About this painting
Painted for the One Love Football Art Competition. The painting symbolises the emotional rollercoaster of a penalty shoot-out by the English football team. The painting became a finalist in the competition and was highlighted on the BBC website.

From the sweeping green sky to lifeless glass of the liquid floor, this immense picture emits loss and punishment. The huge cowering figure in a stark nuclear light is being assailed by tiny figures, climbers which at first assist each other and engage in a glorious adventure before, perhaps accidentally, falling off the edge of hope.

Technical details
The picture evolved from the idea of celebrating a win. To contrast the victory celebrations of a winning team captain, a sad figure was added to the background of my original sketch. I found this figure to be captivating and made him the centre of attention, at first adding the celebrating figure in the distance. The climbing figures were added later.

Penalties (Original)
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