Swan Dive by Mark Sheeky

G93A Swan Dive
Oil on panel
Aug to Nov 2006, Size 386x490 mm

Detail from Swan Dive by Mark Sheeky

About this painting
This idea dates back to June 2006. Originally a rough and disjointed cityscape, the theme then was urban confinement and constriction.

This painting is about freedom. The towering buildings of a threatening city slope inward at acute angles to create sense of pressure. The buildings themselves are organic, made from the screaming, twisted, faces of the oppressed; and the damp blue sky flies with speed and fury towards the horizon. Yet in this turmoil there is peace. In the arms of the cool wind, the only figure, a lone jumper flies free.

Technical details
Swan Dive was painted on a heavy 12mm medium density fibreboard panel instead of the more usual 6mm thickness.

Swan Dive (Original)
Private collection.