Strike Dynamics by Mark Sheeky

G95A Strike Dynamics
Oil on panel
Dec 2006 to Jan 2007, Size 190x277 mm

Detail from Strike Dynamics by Mark Sheeky

About this painting
This A4 sized painting is about the pounce of a striking footballer.

As fits a picture about an attacking footballer, all of the emphasis in the composition is on the ball. An artificial perspective box surrounds it, and expanding rings, first the white ring of a football pitch, then an outer ring like a radar screen. An eagle fades into reality to pounce upon the ball, and the players too. To increase the visual energy the colours touch their chromatic compliments, the orange in the violet sky, and the red football shirt on the shades of green.

Technical details
This complex painting was painted with one glazing layer. Note how the wispy clouds overlap the green of the pitch and how many different areas of colour intersect and fade. The distant crowd is painted roughly and loosely compared to the detailled foreground.

Strike Dynamics (Original)
Private collection.