Want To Own An Original Mark Sheeky Artwork?
I have been a full time professional artist since 2007 and been exhibiting and selling artwork ever since. I have artwork from greetings cards to small-run books; from limited-edition reproductions of my paintings, to original oil paintings and sculptures.

To buy or view a painting please visit an exhibition on the Exhibitions page, or contact me to book a viewing or sale in person.

Click here for the latest catalogue and price list of original paintings. Errors and omissions excepted. These represent online prices, prices in exhibitions/galleries may be different due to gallery commission or other factors. Send me an email to ask about a specific work.

Limited Edition Reproductions
I have a stock of prints but my limited edition reproductions are often printed to order, so there can be a wait of a week or more for printing. The first in a series will require proofing, and so take a little longer.

The printed reproduction of each artwork is strictly limited to a fixed number of copies, and all reproductions are hand signed and numbered. Postcards or greetings cards are not numbered and are excluded from this limit, as are licenced commercial graphics, such as images reproduced in books, on album covers, etc. A small number of photographic reproductions have been sold in the past; these sales have been recorded and do count towards the correct limit. My limited edition reproductions are now professionally printed using archival inks by a Fine Art Trade Guild accredited printer.

Works are typically printed life-size on 100% cotton rag paper, but reproductions can be scaled down, printed on canvas, or to your personal requirements. Prints can be posted worldwide.