Art Support

After being around people, albeit for just a few hours per week, for the first time in over a decade, my emotions, formerly ignored and locked away, suddenly appeared on the morning of 25th September 2008. I awoke from a dream in which I was wandering through a dark maze. I pushed up the ceiling to reveal a bright, joyous light and I awoke aglow with immense feelings of ecstasy; colours appeared brighter, hunger banished on that day. Many memories of childhood and early connections with people, long since lost or buried, reappeared. I had no emotional control or barriers and it took many months to feel balanced.

I realised what had been lost in my years locked away, and a passion for life appeared. I grew to hate computer programming, that which had trapped me, and I started to think of myself as an artist, rejecting computer art and that which is easy. I decided to commit to painting and to art with my remaining life, the first of several rebirths.