How To Think Like A Surrealist
A look at some of the ideas behind surrealism, and some methods of creating and thinking surrealistically.
The Logician versus The Emotive
Classifications of painter.
The Repulsion Problem
Some thoughts about the use of a raw onion during oil painting.
William Tell Painting
A fun game for painters of all sorts.
A Funny Thing Happened
What do you feel when a surreal idea feels just right?
Expressionist and Impressionist Surrealism
How surrealist art can be an expression of the artist, or a message for the viewer.
On Commitment
A paragraph of inspiration.
The Laughter Of Truth
Why surrealists do not tell jokes, but convey truths.
The Neutrality Room And The Everything Room
Two rooms designed to supress and to stimulate.
A neurosigil is an image designed to program the mind.
Art And Masochism
Masochism is an essential precept for success.
Honesty, Art and Isolation
Telling the truth will make you unpopular, but a good artist.
The Chromosurrealist Manifesto
The symbolic representation of colour.
The Ideal In The Derivative
Why derivative artworks are not inferior to original artworks.
The Essence Of Art
Definition of art as fulfiller of social need.
Creation As Texture
A theory of creation.
The Role Of The Artist
Society as psychological extension.
The Philosopy of Art
The function of art.
Classifications Of Art
Different types of art.
12 Stages of Artistic Development
A step by step guide to becoming a good artist.
Art As Communcation
Exploring communication as the roots of art.
Structural Forms In Visual Art
Some rules of form, and why these are needed.
Art As Emotional Communication
On the definition of art.
Art And Faith
The best art requires bravery.
The New Renaissance
Rejoice, for the New Renaissance is upon us.
Why creative ideas are unpopular, and popular ideas uncreative.
The Specialist, The Anti-Artist
Artists often evolve to become specalists, but this limits creativity.
The Energy Of Despair
Sharp emotion, the ignition of art.
Art In 2018 (external link)
A broad examination of the state of visual art in 2018.
Playing By Empathy: Incorporation Of Musical Instruments Into The Body Schema
How to learn to play an instrument in seconds.
About my paintings and the surrealism label.
Painting Sonatas
On the concept of painting sonatas and symphonies.