Licencing Prices
I am a member of DACS, PRS for Music, PPL, and ALCS. The prices below are in addition to any legal obligation to these licencing authorities.

Licencing Prices For Artwork
All of my artwork is available for use on your book or album or poster. Most paintings available as 300dpi scans.

Artwork Use In Printed Media (Worldwide)
Use on a single page flyer for one-off event.
Use on a printed book or album cover, up to 2,000 printed copies, with accreditation.
Use on a printed book or album cover, 2,001 to 10,000 printed copies, with accreditation.

Artwork Use In Electronic Media (Worldwide)
Use on an e-book or download album image.
Single use on a website.

Oil Painting Commission Prices
Prices are based on time and materials. Typical prices 200 - 1000 depending on size and complexity.

Email to enquire.