Stupid Computer Music

Stupid Computer Music
Mark Sheeky

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Track List
1. China Syndrome (4:40)
2. Gunstorm (4:14)
3. Music For Supermarkets (2:13)
4. Binary Race (3:12)
5. Taskforce (1:25)
6. Cyclotrone (2:10)
7. Deflexion (1:40)
8. Lost Child (1:00)
9. Yinyang (2:37)
10. Hamster Run (3:09)
11. Galoppade (4:22)
12. Coma (1:51)
13. Journey Through Fractional Space (6:05)
14. Starflight (3:17)

About This Album
Stupid Computer Music is a collection of some of Mark Sheeky's best computer game themes, plus several unreleased studio tunes from past and present.

The music is all catchy and melodic. Tracks include Hamster Run which was written for Animalia but unused on that album, and China Syndrome, the melody of which dates back a decade or more.

The track order was carefully selected to give an entire album experience. Delicate tracks like Coma and Lost Child slow down the pace and help reinforce the dance tracks like Galoppade and Journey Through Fractional Space.

Stupid Computer Music
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Stupid Computer Music
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