Once Upon A Time

R17A Once Upon A Time
Mark Sheeky

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Track List
1. Andromeda (4:27)
2. Pioneer (3:21)
3. Refuge (3:55)
4. The Battle of Angels and Cxthys (6:09)
5. The Train (3:00)
6. Calling Mister Wilson (5:09)
7. China Syndrome (4:40)
8. Catacombs (5:11)
9. Opticon (2:50)
10. The Clockwork Harpsichord (2:48)
11. Girl Reading a Letter (2:16)
12. Snow (3:50)
13. Acorn to Oak (5:25)
14. The Angel (4:02)

About This Album
Once Upon A Time is a compilation of my music from 2000 to 2010. A track from every album up to that date is included, along with some previously unreleased material.

The tracks here vary from the energetic and fun, like Opticon or China Syndrome from Stupid Computer Music, to the musically complex forms of The Battle of Angels and Cxthys from The Spiral Staircase, the mathematic tones of The Clockwork Harpsichord from Pi, and the gentleness of The Angel from The Infinite Forest.

Of the unreleased tracks, Girl Reading a Letter is notable as part of an (as yet!) unrealised album of songs and music about 17th century Dutch paintings and artists. The song is presented here as an instrumental track and is about the painting of the same name by Vermeer.

Once Upon A Time
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