The Arcangel Soundtrack

The Arcangel Soundtrack
Mark Sheeky

Track List
1. Mnemonic (4:34)
2. SPDF (3:03)
3. Lepton (2:50)
4. Pioneer (3:21)
5. Requiem for a Scorpoid (2:46)
6. Inside Messiah (2:43)
7. Epitaph (2:05)

About This Album
Created in 2000, Arcangel was Mark Sheeky's first game release for Windows PC. The game is a turn-based strategy game, and the story tells of two giant minds, genetically created super beings named Archetype and Progenitor that held the role of gods in a dystopian, militaristic future.

Much of the Arcangel soundtrack is dark and moody, and most of the tracks consist of melodic, analogue sounds without percussion that gradually build in layers, repeating chord structures that grow, and then fade into silence as each layer is removed.

The music has been compared with Philip Glass and the cinematic period of Vangelis.

The Arcangel Soundtrack
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The Arcangel Soundtrack
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