Bites of Greatness

Bites of Greatness
Mark Sheeky

Track List
1. Pandora (3:44)
2. Happy Monsters (2:51)
3. No Loneliness (3:22)
4. Magicland Mermaid (3:09)
5. Jellyfish (4:21)
6. Jarre's Party (1:41)
7. The Old Woman And The Windmill (3:22)
8. Japanomatic (2:40)
9. France TV (2:13)
10. Hope (2:48)
11. The Race (2:34)
12. Trackin' (2:18)
13. The Growth Of Impossible Love (2:29)
14. Trax (4:24)

About This Album
Bites of Greatness is a mix of catchy tunes with a computer game feel, a sort of sibling to Sheeky's previous album, Stupid Computer Music. Here, however, the tracks are original work composed for this album rather than existing computer game themes.

Musically, this album is a panoply of catchy tunes. Mark had often wondered why artists like Jean-Michel Jarre didn't just make an album of only the catchy tunes that were often released as singles, so this album was his response.

That said, there is evidence of musical evolution too, as melodies are twisted, run in reverse, played backwards and across keys and scales as he had not done before. The Growth Of Impossible Love is a complex fugue, and even the most simple and catchy tracks like Jellyfish explore lots of variations on a theme.

Bites of Greatness
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