The Anatomy of Emotions

The Anatomy of Emotions
Mark Sheeky

Detail from The Anatomy of Emotions Detail from The Anatomy of Emotions Detail from The Anatomy of Emotions

Track List
1. Passages of Movement (1:50)
2. The Dance (3:52)
3. Old Photographs (2:10)
4. Memory (3:59)
5. The Rain and the Sun (4:45)
6. The Stars (1:35)
7. Starscape (3:01)
8. Silent Shadows (1:41)
9. Closure (3:05)
10. Resignation (3:37)
11. Apprehension (1:33)
12. The Night Watcher (1:09)
13. The Astronomer (3:39)
14. A Winter's Dream (0:44)
15. Forever Spring (1:53)
16. Meeting Eno (1:24)
17. For What Once Was (1:14)
18. Remembering Love (4:52)
19. The Garden (1:00)
20. Golden Water (5:55)
21. Silence (3:18)

About This Album
The Anatomy of Emotions began as a performance art project; a series of six musical pieces for piano, composed by Mark Sheeky to accompany videos designed by visual artist Sabine Kussmaul, and spoken-word parts written and performed by poet Tim Watson.

This recording is Mark Sheeky's first as a solo pianist, and extends the live Anatomy performance with additional material.

The music has been compared to that of Michael Nyman, melodic pieces with a dreamy atmosphere in the Romantic tradition. This music is interspersed with spoken parts by Tim Watson, and his voice fills the album with a feeling of liquid spirituality.

The Anatomy of Emotions
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The Anatomy of Emotions
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