The Incredible Journey

R3A The Incredible Journey
Mark Sheeky

Detail from The Incredible Journey Detail from The Incredible Journey Detail from The Incredible Journey

Track List
1. Challenger (4:14)
2. Please Wait (1:08)
3. Superhighway (4:19)
4. Downloading (6:40)
5. Silver Glance (4:07)
6. Kopakaramba (4:26)
7. Loneliness Part II (3:22)
8. Catacombs (5:21)
9. Circle (4:30)
10. Loneliness Part I (1:12)
11. Autumn (2:58)
12. Gaea (4:07)

About This Album
The Incredible Journey was composed and recorded in 2002 using the first iteration of my custom designed software, Noise Station. Most of the tracks date from March to May 2002.

The album is less conceptual than Synaesthesia, but still conveys a variety of moods, from the calm Downloading, to the expansive and cinematic Catacombs, which along with Gaea were among my first compositions from the mid-nineties.

Several tracks on this early album were influential on later music. Challenger was re-recorded and used on the later album The End And The Beginning, and this is the first outing of Autumn, a piano-based tune that was eventually released on the album The Twelve Seasons, as well as being the main theme to the game Bool.

The album is my only existing work on sale from this period. A small number of CD-R copies were hand made with colour laser-printed inserts. Less than 5 of these remain. This album has never been released on digital platforms.