The Modern Game

R44A The Modern Game
Marius Fate

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Track List
1. Beginnings (01:50)
2. Beyond Mars (03:09)
3. House of Glass (03:12)
4. Looking for a Lover (03:46)
5. Masculinity Two (04:08)
6. The Trees (06:48)
7. Love in a Hopeless World (03:44)
8. Two Kinds of Animals (04:17)
9. All the Broken Flowers (03:18)
10. Notes from Space (03:48)
11. Coming Back to Earth (06:47)
12.The Stars (04:31)
13. Endings (02:10)

About This Album
The first album by my art-rock persona, Marius Fate. The Modern Game explores various aspects of the impact of technology of society.

One special aspect of this album is a new 'Folio Album' format; a 21cm square, colour book with CD insert, creating an artwork that echoes the aesthetic quality of a vinyl album. The book includes the lyrics, plus images and extra artwork. You can order the book with CD here as a Folio album, or order a plain CD in a paper sleeve. You can buy the book without the CD separately from Amazon.

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