Masculinity Two

Masculinity Two
Marius Fate

Track List
1. Masculinity Two (03:32)
2. The Games Played As Children (2:32)

About This Album
The first single release by Marius Fate, a character of part Batman Joker, part Bladerunner Replicant. Mark Sheeky's music covers a large range, from the early electronic music inspired by computer games, to classical inspired works with poetic vocals, and art-rock. When he developed some new, more conventional rock/pop songs a new artist was needed, and this is Marius Fate.

Masculinity Two is the first single from the album The Modern Game which explores various aspects of the impact of technology of society. Masculinity Two is about computer game culture; an emotionless game player being unmoved by female advances.

The second track, The Games Played As Children, is available exclusively on this single and is a quiet song about the impact of childhood on personality.