Apocalypse of Clowns

Apocalypse of Clowns
Fall in Green

Detail from Apocalypse of Clowns Detail from Apocalypse of Clowns Detail from Apocalypse of Clowns

Track List
1. Clown Face (2:20)
2. Fairytale (1:17)
3. Grim by Day (1:20)
4. Life of Pierrot (2:53)
5. Mandalino (1:34)
6. Falling (2:48)
7. Herr Kasperle (4:52)
8. Skin (2:08)
9. Siamese Twin Domestic (3:22)
10. Mister and Mrs Knife Thrower (1:36)
11. Beetle Circus (1:44)
12. Lost at the Fair (2:18)
13. Dead Hand (3:31)
14. Jabberwocky (9:14)

About This Album
The latest Fall in Green album breaks away from simple piano and poetry into progressive multi-instrumentation for this ground breaking explosion of sawdust and glitter.

Meet the Tattooed Man in Skin, the Bearded Lady in Fairytale, and the joyous and energy filled Siamese Twin Domestic. Dead Hand is Fall in Green's own dark take on Wuthering Heights, so very different from Kate Bush's classic interpretation.

The album is rounded off by a 9-minute adaptation of the classic Lewis Carroll poem, Jabberwocky.

Apocalypse of Clowns
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Apocalypse of Clowns
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