Heart of Snow

Heart of Snow
Mark Sheeky

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Track List
1. Heart of Snow (07:04)
2. Away from Her Manger (03:51)
3. Bleak Forest (01:40)
4. Otesanek (04:40)
5. Won't Be a Silent Night (04:12)
6. Hotel Scarborough (1:36)

About This Album
An 'alternative Christmas album', tracks include a song about murderous the tree-like monster Otesanek, and Won't Be a Silent Night, a song from the perspective of a tree eternally bathed in unwelcome street-light.

Away from Her Manger is a song about the routine of buying gifts for the people out of habit, rather feeling a genuine connection, and there is a bleak feeling of disconnection, and a view from the outside to much of the album. This view is bracketed by the title track, a song sung from the perspective of a snowman, gazing at a family in through a window, and ending with a solo piano track suffused with bleak winter's fog.

Heart of Snow
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