A Drive Through The Town

A Drive Through The Town
Mark Sheeky
Coming 7 August 2024

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Track List
1. I'm in Love With My Car (01:49)
2. American Lawyer (02:29)
3. Go to Bed and Miss Me (01:12)
4. Excessive Consumption has Laxative Effects (02:32)
5. Pictures on my Telephone (02:35)
6. Anyone Can Fall in Love (02:16)
7. Style Guru Fashion Queen (02:42)
8. Mister Moan (03:19)
9. Incomplete Version of the Writer (04:00)
10. An Autumn Tale (02:26)
11. Cat Parasites (05:16)
12. Cat Covid! (02:49)
13. Burning Meat Outdoors (01:30)
14. Thinking About the Cats I Used to Know (03:04)

About This Album
An explosive charge into the new genre of surrealistic pop-rock! Mark Sheeky's 35th original solo album is an eclectic charge of energy and imagination.

The album is a mix of short, snappy art-pop/rock songs. The first half has themes of broken or distorted love, a middle section is more observational, and the final section links to form a small vignette about cats.

The album crosses a few genres, but all firmly pioneering the surrealist rock (or pop!) genre. From the funky 'American Lawyer' and 'Excessive Consumption has Laxative Effects', to the progressive 'Cat Parasites', and the blatant pop of 'Style Guru Fashion Queen'. There's something here to please everyone.

A Drive Through The Town
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