Love And Death

We experience death as loss. We can't feel loss individually, only socially as a recognition of something missing. When we die, we will feel nothing ourselves. So feeling loss is an integral part of our life, it can't exist without it and decay itself is a fundamental part of existence.

Love is attachment and death is disattachment, which is only noticed relative to the prior attachment, so experience is a constant flow of change from states of attachment and states of disattachment, and it is these changes of state that define existence. This can even occur at atomic levels, the bubbles of the universe, a flow of attachment and disattachment.

To be totally disattached, to be invisible and unconsidered by anyone, is the same as being dead, and to re-attach is to spontaneously live, but only in the minds of others, as our death can only be measured by others. Thus, our relationships and how others think of us defines our existence.

As existence is defined by the flow of attachment and disattachment, then change and disruption is at its heart. To fit in, to rest, to stand still, these things are decadent, and passion, disruption, energetic change, creativity, define the brightness of life.

Mark Sheeky, 29 May 2016