Religion, Philosophy, Emotions

2029 - 2020

Human Obsolescence
If machines can do everything humans can do, will humans be needed?
Musings on intelligence.
Changing The Past
On fatalism and the ability to change past events.
The Cosmogony Of Order
More on life supplanting chaos.
Positive And Negative Emotions
Are some emotions good and some bad?
On Controversies.
Sex Crime
On sex crimes.
Two Rules For Life
Thoughts on the principles of life.
Two Universes: The Unknown And The Eternal
Thoughts on determinism and fatalism.
Where do you end and not-you begin?
Control and Cause and Effect
A small writing about control and oppression.
On vegetarianism.
Real Fur Fake Fur
On the morality of using animal fur.
Immigration and the Environment
Immigration, population and the environment.
Love and Money
The emotional roots of economies.
Determinism and Will
How can free will exist in a deterministic universe?
Gender Egality
On equalising gender, race, and anything else.

2019 - 2010

The Conscious And The Unconscious Mind
An examination of unconscious thought.
Grey Technology
A dream about a damage coping concept for technology.
A simple mental tool to achieve anything.
A World Without Zero
Why a form of mathematics without zero might be necessary.
The inevitability of change.
The Impossibility Of Universal Happiness
On happiness for all.
Personal Happiness
Happiness is often considered the goal of life.
On Free Music
The enemy of musical art is the digital sequencer!
Emotional Messages
On the rationalisation of emotions.
The End Of The World
The end of the world is not nigh.
Consciousness And Experience
Simple explainations of consciousness.
A Free Will Of Infinite Possibility
On the barrier between imagination and reality.
On the futility of blame and praise.
Love And Death
Reality as connection and loss, attachment and disattachment.
Knowledge Of Reality
What is knowable, what is unknowable, why?
Free Will And The Past
More on free will.
Predictability And Freewill
The limits of science.
Cause And Effect
To a Tralfamadorian.
Desire And Happiness
Exploring links between want and happiness.
I have some bad news, you are doomed to a life of mediocrity.
Thoughts Towards Others
On other people being part of our ourselves.
Brain Expansion
Mental exercises.
Happiness as control.
More on truth.
Emotions And Logical Thought
Emotion and reasoning.
Biolism and Technolism
Two opposing philosophies of nature.
Truth as a social construct.
Inequality In Society
On inequality.
I Do Not Think And Am Not
On the limits of control.
Personal Truth
On the validity of facts.
The Meaning Of Life
Thoughts on why and how life has or hasn't got meaning.
On Acceptance
Accepting life in a meaningless universe that is beyond control.
On Worry
Worry is the art of making the unimportant seem important.
A brief look at self-awareness.
Overcoming emotional pain.
The Disincentive Of Researching Cures
Why pharmaceutical companies don't search for cures for diseases.
An Omniscient God
Thoughts on the nature of information.
Anxiety In New Situations
A hypothesis that anxiety is an essential component of learning.
The Two Loves
Visualisation of two types of love.
Extroversion And Depression
A theory of depression.
The Origins Of Religion
An explanation of religion.
Dissonance And Happiness
A theory of happiness.
What is true, and why?
Free Will
Principles of free will in a universe with dimensional time.
The Two Universes
The mind universe and the concrete universe.
The Principles Of Beauty
A theory of aesthetics.
The Social Network
Implications of society created from the bottom up.

2009 - 2000

Bonding Principles Within Relationships
A philosophy of relationships.
The Knowledge Osmosis Hypothesis
The learning process and the nature of dreams.
Attainment over Ownership in Society
Tweaking capitalism.
Art And Communication
Good art is effective communication of a message.
Degrees Of Consciousness
A scale of sleep and wakefullness.
War And Energy
Conflict as a chaotic energy driven system.
Zeno's Paradox And The End Of Infinity
Do the thought experiments of an ancient Greek prove that infinity cannot exist?
Supercreature Theory
An idea that everyone on Earth is part of a larger being.
The Unreasonable Hypothesis
An proposition that a new question arises from every answer.
Karma In A Godless Universe
An idea about the possibility of an afterlife in an athiest Universe.
Problems With An Afterlife
An attempt at analysis of possible heavenly societies.
The Human Hierarchy
An examination of status within human society.
A Genetic Explanation For Religion
An explanation for the emergence of religion as an biolgical evolutionary trait.