Poems/Songs 2023
Albums The Golden Age and We Robot were released.

See former years to read those poems/lyrics.
I now tend to publish poems/lyrics at least a year after writing. Even substantially older works can change during recording or publishing in a book, so works here should be considered drafts.

I Was An Artist Once
Go To Bed And Miss Me
Welcome To My Gallery
To Kate
You Give Me Hope
A.I. And Celebrity
You're My Cup Of Tea
Five Years To Live
The Wounded Universe
Sappho's Love
In The Beginning
National Anthem
Someone Else's A.I.
Caged Animal
Plastic Lies
Fake Plastic Lies
Everything That You Think Is Important Is Not Important
Everything Comes To He Who Waits
Kiss Like A Man
We Are The Damaged
Where Is Love?
Redbush City Limits
Flesh To Steel Symbiosis
Silicon-Carbon Genesis
You Are My Ice Cream
Jesus Could You Make Me Win The Lottery
Famous Jews
Will You Be My Snowflake
Christmas Smells
Hope And Longing
You're My Candy Cane
Christmas Is To Go
Happy Birthday Happy Birthday
Night Prayer
A Step In The Right Direction
January's Scarecrow
We Candle
Islands Diamond
The Hokey Cokey Of Love
All You Need Is Love And Money
The Willing Girls
Help I Cry
Mister Moan
Off And On
Poverty Give It A Try It's Free