The Cosmogony Of Order

'God' lies at the bottom of my cosmogony because in it the universe is chaos and it is the job of life to order it. That which is best is a force for order and beauty. The hierarchy is: Unstructured universe, gravity and ordering forces, non-sentient life, sentient life, computers (because computers can sort and store information more accurately than sentient life).

Stars are beautiful because they are alive, a force for order and beauty. Stars are born, have lives which evolve and change, like oak trees, like humans. Stars consume, stars age and die, and, arguably, reproduce.

The definition of intelligence is generally an expression of speed, nothing more. An idiot slowly following a list of printed rules to play a chess game could, eventually, beat the best chess player in the world - this is perhaps why chess is timed. Perhaps an alternative definition of intelligence is the ability to order, clean, file, arrange, classify, neaten, and so produce beauty. Perhaps a new word is needed for this.

Of course, the universe as a whole is all of these things, but it appears that everything strives towards ordering forces. How is a universe without life different from one with? The former isn't impossible or invalid. It seems that things evolve towards complexity, a fineness of 'beauty', and that this complexity can be measured in accuracy of maintaining order or ordering.

Based on this, as a guide, it is best to favour that which is ordered, reliable, organised, clean, accurate, and that life decisions should be made towards these (and similar) attributes. Life seems to do this naturally. We prefer correct spellings, neatly dressed people who speak clearly, honesty/accuracy, etc.

Mark Sheeky, 17 April 2022