Poems/Songs 2021
A year generally focused on music. Albums The Myth Of Sisyphus, Nightfood, and The Apocalypse Of Clowns were relased.

Ghost Cows
A Henge Of Giant Fingers
The Mome Raths Weep
The Sad Butterfly Collector
The Wood Crumbles In Rust Flakes
What Is There Inside
The Dream Of Wasps
Contentment Is So Hard To Find
American Lawyer
Smashing My House Of Cards
Happy Easter Chocolate Day
Do You Chant In Crowds
Happy Death Day
Young Attractive And Physically Fit
Boring Ceefax Lift Music
One Dream Is All It Takes Part 1
One Dream Is All It Takes Part 2
Dreams Of You
Pushing To The Limits
The Ones We Love
Only The Lonelier
Happy Death Day
Make A Wish Upon A Cloud
The Door To Rhye Is Closed
Perfect Day
The Misery's Hard To Take
Spirit Of September
Hitler In High Heels
Eyes Of Pity
Teenage Dream
Out Of Date
What Fun We Could Have Today
It's What All Of My Ancestors Did
Too Late For Me To Thrive
There Will Be No Ragnarok
Small Town Politics
Welcome To Cumbria
Passive Aggressive
Once There Was A Way
Secret Sequencer User
I'm Going To Memphis
Ticka-Oh Ticka-Eh
Be My Jesus
Always In The Morning
Market Street Story
What Happened To All The Good News
Love If You've Never Been Given It
Deck The Halls With Soldiers
Are You Black Or White?
The Revolution Will Not Be Tweeted
Someone's Tarmac'd The Yellow Brick Road
Perhaps We Can Meet Up Again
Do You Remember September?
Cat Parasites
Make A Wish Upon The Moon
In Love By Message
Back When It All Began
Rat People
The Streets Of Crewe
Time Of The Moon
Hammering At The Iron Wall
Control Freak
Trees And No People
That Dark Day
Away From Her Manger
Big Donkey
Land Of Crom
Heart Of Snow
The Light Bulb 1
The Light Bulb 2
The Light Bulb 3